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A few years following the 1841 arrival of the new Harlem River railroad with its station the company named Fordham, a small village began to grow around the depot. In time, a small hotel, a general store and a tavern were built nearby. To the west, a number of small frame cottages erected some thirty years earlier to house farm workers on the Valentine property stood on the hill by the road to King's Bridge. The new Catholic College of St. John abutted the tracks to the east. All the roads in this suburbanizing rural village were unpaved.

It was at this time that some residents met to create the Fordham United Methodist Church. Initially, they worshipped in each other's homes until they could build their first church structure. They acquired property on Marion Avenue, one block west of Webster Avenue, north of 194th Street. There, they constructed a small one-storey frame structure. All ethnic groups were welcome.

By 1892, the area population had grown, and on the northwest corner of Marion Avenue and Fordham Road, a new one-storey brick church bearing a square crenellated bell tower was built. Lack of money meant some sacrifices were made and the Sunday School space was used as a sanctuary by moving back the sliding walls of the classroom. A gymnasium was added in 1933. Plans were made for a still newer church.

In 1967, the old brick building was demolished and for two years services were held in the gym, but construction was underway for the building you see now. In keeping with Fordham United Methodist Church's commitment to diversity and tolerance, everything installed in the modern-style brick building was donated by the multi-ethnic community it serves. The pulpit was donated by Dr. Daniel Mantoccio, a Catholic neighbor, and Benjamin Bobkoff, a Jewish friend, donated the front panel and several pews. When the Bronx Hispanic population increased, the Fordham United Methodist Church responded with Spanish-speaking services as early as 1976.

We continue our long tradition of embracing the ethnic diversity of the Bronx and becoming faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us.



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